Restaurant website solution


We are currently offering a cost effective and fast turnaround service to any restaurant owner.

Does your business need a solution to manage your customers, or perhaps more clarity on your website, more information, easy to read menus, so customers can find what they are looking for.

Or perhaps you would like your customers to pay for orders using their phone instead of paying cash or credit, this can potentially speed up your booking service.

Or even you want your customers to leave feedback on the experience they received from your restaurant, for example customers can comment on the meals they just ate and recommend it to their friends using social media channels.

Does your website need a face lift or a good content management system (CMS)? So you can quickly update your menus, photos, prices and content etc!

Would you like your customers be able to find you easily and want to came back, the simple solution to that is… You need a website that works!


We offer a fixed solution package worth 1010USD. NOW with 40% OFF, only 600USD for limited time!

Why choose this offer? Includes:

  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Photo-shot/photography for website
  • Admin setup, new emails
  • 40% OFF
  • design implementation
  • Online go live
  • All done with in 3 days

To redeem this offer simply get in touch via contact page, or business card if I already spoke with you.


Additional service

Would you like your customers to leave valuable feedback, and make recommendations on the meals they just ate, then share it with their friends using social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, etc. This would definitely boost your sales.

Increase your online awareness by implementing extra SEO techniques.

Create an online ordering system so customers can pay directly using their phone instead of credit card.

Integrate social media to your website so everything you write on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can display directly on your site!
Did you know  Рon social media alone, people can only find you via media platforms, so for example if you share something on Facebook, it will not be available on Google when you search for it! But if you integrate it to your website РTHEN IT WILL BE DISCOVERED!