Free website design service

A limited time offer!

You are in for a treat, we have something free in the store for you, currently and for a limited time we are offering a free website design service that is listed per below:

  • Website transfer to a new host or website deployment
  • Landing page design
  • Website advertisement
  • Logo design for your website
  • Website optimization
  • SEO check for better google ranking
  • Website design update
  • Fix a problem on your website.

*You are entitled to 1 of the above offers.

What we are asking in return is to post our short company description anywhere on your website (can be a separate page.) that is all!

quality guaranteed

Contact to redeem the offer!


  • Michael has improved my websites including mobile design and SEO awareness, he has a great knowledge of technology, he knows what he is doing, great job!

    Nicky M.
  • I use Michael’s service quite often because he can deliver! His service is great and he understands my frustrations since I have no clue about websites.

    Norman B.
  • Michael’s affords really paid of I now have a responsive website thanks to his affordable service,
    I couldn’t find anywhere else. His work is fantastic!

    Rachel A.
  • I had a website without mobile design, I never knew that having responsive design can improve your overall ranking on google, thanks Michael!!! He encouraged me in integrate mobile responsive feature, and I started seeing slight improvement in overall traffic, I’m very happy with his service and recommend him to anyone!

    Daniel R.
  • I have worked with Michael on improving my website’s responsive design, as it was outdated with some bugs on the page. Hi recommended that I should have error free website because it’s bad for SEO. I was very happy with my new responsive design look and it works great on my iPhone, now I’m ready for mobile customers! Thanks Mike your service was as you promised 100%!

    Alex P.